Client: Incore Umbrella

Type: Branding / Logo Design / Digital Design / Print Design

Brief: Create a logo and brand identity for a start-up payroll umbrella company

I was hired by Incore Umbrella to create a fresh and exciting brand that fit well in the corporate world of finance. The logo’s design is based on a bird’s eye view of an umbrella with points spiralling out of the core, playing on the name of Incore Umbrella. It employs a simple san-serif font to prioritise focus on the icon and utilises a blue and dark grey colour scheme to emphasise a professional company with a very corporate air to it.

A complete set of business stationary was required to include business cards, compliment slips, letterheads, folders, promotional leaflets, contracts and editable PDF application forms.

I also redesigned their WordPress website to give it a more fresh and current look, set up all social media platforms, created and posted content, set up Mailchimp and designed and ran several email campaigns. This entire project was very hands-pn and enabled me to use and showcase all my capabilities within graphic design to include branding, print design, digital design and web design.